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Personal Profile


Julie Loeckx’s paintings represent a kaleidoscopic universe brimming with zest for life and optimism. This quality is the sole common thread in the diversity of her work. Loeckx’s oeuvre is the result of an endless experiment of colours and lines. Aesthetics is like a balm to her soul. Loeckx finds it always and everywhere, both in the past and in the future: subtle nuances hidden in a poetic landscape, striking artefacts in an eclectic interior, colourful patterns on textile or jewellery. It is an amalgamation of sources of inspiration, yet with that one recognisable signature. Without pretence or intellectual snobbishness. Painting is her outlet, the expression of a search for herself, without boundaries and with a broad view of the world. She is led by the heart but nevertheless doesn’t lose sight of her purpose.

Like her work, artist Julie Loeckx is a bundle of contradictions. As a landscape architect with a Master’s in urban planning she has redesigned squares, streets and neighbourhoods before going into project development. Eventually, her passion and ambition led her to become an entrepreneur, until one day she found a box of watercolour paints in the attic and like an alchemist she started to experiment. At first she used odd moments when the house was quiet, but the creative flame could no longer be contained. At the beginning of 2021 Loeckx decided to dedicate herself to her passion and abandoned business life for paint and paintbrush. Since then, she has been playing with colour, painting images in which the spectator recognises themselves. They are sometimes bold and exuberant, sometimes introspective and self-questioning, but always intense and passionate. They are a reflection of the woman behind the artist.

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